Whether photographing or filming your wedding, my style is mainly documentary. I prefer to stay out of the way and document your day as each moment unfolds naturally. This results in un-posed, truly candid images. My style is artistic and is influenced by what inspires me in the moment. Your wedding is unique, so my approach will be influenced by your vision of your perfect day. This results in a flow and comfort you that you'll feel being in front of the camera. I will blend in small amounts of photojournalism and traditional styles when the moment is right. The quality of light is one of my main priorities; it's what separates good from truly great images. I would likely ask you to stand in beautiful window light while you're getting ready, rather than letting it happen in a dark part of the room. Once you were in the beautiful light, I would step back and let everything unfold naturally and it will result in candid images, but with gorgeous lighting. I also respect the time-tested hallmarks of traditional styles and will blend in just a few guided, 'camera-aware' portraits into the day. In these rare moments I go for a modern look by encouraging movement and playfulness. Over the course of your day, I would say I'm 90% documentary with the remaining 10% being a blend of details, landscapes and creative portraiture. Different inspirations throughout your day will influence my style, and it's my goal to ensure you're feeling comfortable, having fun, and getting incredible images to preserve this day forever.